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Episode 6

Devil's Lake- Legendary Creatures and Cthulhu Power Zones, The Mysteries of Devil's Lake

Today, Devil’s Lake is known as Wisconsin’s most visited state park, a designation it has held for over 100 years. But, the region has been inhabited by man for nearly 500 generations. With its rich history comes plenty of legends and lore. Mike and Jeff discuss the early inhabitants, tales of Thunderbirds and lake monsters, and the many ghost stories that line the shores of the small enigmatic lake. Did a group of Crowley-ian sex magicians cast a spell on Devil’s Lake? Was something conjured that still resides there today? In 2020, Devil’s Lake was thrust into the headlines when it became the subject of murder a murder investigation. Who was the perpetrator of this heinous act and were they ever brought to justice? What other dangers await to visitors of the Devil’s Lake?

Mike Huberty, hailing from the town of Big Bend, near Milwaukee, is the owner of American Ghost Walks, a haunted history tour company with locations in Maine, California, Illinois, Minnesota, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and started in our very own Badger State of Wisconsin - with tours in Lake Geneva, Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha, Bayfield, and the Wisconsin Dells. Find out more at AmericanGhostWalks.Com.

Wisconsin Rapids native, Jeff Finup is the mind behind Badgerland Legends, which explores Wisconsin's mysteries and fascinating history, a post at a time. Legends, lore, history, cryptids ,and more from the Badger State. Find his work on Instagram and Facebook.

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Mike Huberty

In 2010, Mike founded a tourism company called Madison Ghost Walks dedicated to preserving the Wisconsin capitol city’s history and folklore, as well as showing people a great time around the city. Today, Mike has expanded his mission to 6 U.S. states including California, Puerto Rico, and even Hawaii.

Mike performs in the Weird Wisconsin Rock Band, Sunspot, and is the co-host of the See You On The Other Side podcast with pop culture and paranormal themes. He has also been featured on the BBC and TRVL Channel’s In Search of Monsters.
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Jeff Finup

Wisconsin Rapids native Jeff Finup is the mind behind Badgerland Legends, which explores Wisconsin mysteries, a post at a time. Legends, lore, history, oddities, cryptids, and more from the Badger State.