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Episode 3

Jeffrey Dahmer- The Cream City Cannibal

Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the most notorious serial killers in American history. Over the course of thirteen years, he raped, murdered, and dismembered seventeen victims, young men. His crimes were so heinous that even now, nearly thirty years after his death, he continues to terrify the public imagination. Some say that his spirit still lurks in the places he haunted in life. Others believe that he haunts the cemetery where he was buried. Either way, Dahmer's legacy is one of horror and gruesome violence. Visitors have reported seeing strange shadows moving about the site of his first murder, and some say they can still hear the sound of Dahmer's victims screaming. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, there's no denying that the echoes of Jeffrey Dahmer's horrific crimes still haunt Milwaukee.

Were his crimes unavoidable? Was he just an unredeemable psychopath destined to murder? Why did he cannibalize some of his victims? From Dahmer's psychiatric diagnoses to rumors of supernatural activity to his legacy on Wisconsin, this is a complete analysis of one of Wisconsin's most infamous murderers of all time.

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In 2010, Mike founded a tourism company called Madison Ghost Walks dedicated to preserving the Wisconsin capitol city’s history and folklore, as well as showing people a great time around the city. Today, Mike has expanded his mission to 6 U.S. states including California, Puerto Rico, and even Hawaii.

Mike performs in the Weird Wisconsin Rock Band, Sunspot, and is the co-host of the See You On The Other Side podcast with pop culture and paranormal themes. He has also been featured on the BBC and TRVL Channel’s In Search of Monsters.
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Wisconsin Rapids native Jeff Finup is the mind behind Badgerland Legends, which explores Wisconsin mysteries, a post at a time. Legends, lore, history, oddities, cryptids, and more from the Badger State.